WorkBooks & Answer Books

HSE provides A4 Workbooks and Answer books for Grade 8 and Grade 9 learners and A3 Workbooks for Grade 10 to Grade 12 learners. The Grade 10 to Grade 12 workbooks are developed according to the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS).
There is an Answer book available for every workbook. The Answer book is available in full colour for the teachers, on A3 sheets in an A3 file. The Course Drawing’s answers are included but it is mainly used for external moderation.
An A4 Answer book is available for learners who want their own Answer book. This book’s contents are the same as the A3 Answer book; it is only printed on A4 and is in black and white. The Course Drawing’s answers are not included in the Student Answer books.
All textbooks are available in e-book format at the Snapplifly online store ( or on the itsi platform (

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