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Executive Summary

HSE provides Engineering Graphics and Design (EGD) learning tools to learners from Grade 8 to Grade 12. These books and instruments have been developed according to the National Curriculum Statement of South Africa and have been written and designed with a focus on the practical approach to skills and techniques needed by the industry. These books and instruments promote a learning situation where teaching will be effective and learners will achieve success.

Company Profile

Johan Engelbrecht, educator and writer, formed HSE in 1999 to provide schools with quality, curriculum based Engineering Graphic and Design (EGD) study material.

Years of experience and constant research in the unique field of Engineering and Design education material has ensured our advancement as one of the most preferred suppliers of EGD learning materials in South Africa.

We are well position to provide EGD educational materials to learning institutions in South Africa as is evident from our 15 year track record of precision and practical work material to more than 200 learning institutions, totalling more than 10 000 learners in South Africa.

We are in continuous contact with industry and new technological developments to bridge the gap between education and practice as well as education and technology. Due to this changing environment we are committed to providing the learners with up-to-date learning material and to assist the educators with the technological delivery of the learning material.

Over the past 5 years we have broadened our base by including drawing materials such as boards and instrument packs. The instrument packs include instruments designed in-house, all with the purpose of enhancing the learning experience of the learner and equipping them with the necessary skills required by industry.

We are committed to providing our products of extremely high quality at the best prices. Our instruments are designed in-house and our boards are locally produced, ensuring job creation and lower prices. Essential imported items are provided at reasonable prices with the main purpose of empowering the learner.

HSE is entirely committed to educators and learners of South Africa, providing them with the best EGD material and instruments needed to achieve academic excellence.