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HSE manufacture and import drawing equipment such as boards and instrument packs. We are committed to providing products of high quality at the best prices. Some of our drawing equipment are designed in-house and are locally produced. In addition, specific instruments which cannot be manufactured locally are imported. These items are of the highest quality and are provided at very reasonable prices. HSE is entirely committed to educators and learners of South Africa, providing them with the best EGD material and instruments needed to achieve academic excellence.

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Prices found here : Instruments

HSE Drawing Board A3

Hebel Solid Drawing Board A3

Hebel Profi Drawing Board A3

Nexx Drawmaxx Plus A3 Drawing Board

HSE Stencil Set (45° & 30/60° Set Squares, Ellipse & Bolt and nut)



HSE Quick Release Compasss + 0.5mm or 0.3mm Attachment

Compass Attachment 0.5mm

Compass Attachment 0.3mm

Padded Bag A3

Yale 20mm Combination Lock